Bob Mayton, RN, CEO, Musician

Bob is a psychiatric nurse currently working in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.  In his more than 30-year career in the mental health field, kindness, clarity, balance, and peace has been at the heart of Bob’s treatment practice.  For much of his career, Bob has supported people struggling with mental health needs as a nurse administrator, managing multiple inpatient and outpatient programs.  Bob has now returned to his first love, direct patient care.  Bob is a recipient of the prestigious Daisy Award for Excellence in nursing.

Bob Mayton

Rebecca Mayton, Chief Design Officer

Rebecca teaches Middle School Science in the Chicago suburbs. While teaching is her passion, she also has a love of creativity and the arts. Since a young age, Rebecca has displayed her creativity through sketches and has expanded into online graphic design. She has always been in touch with the needs and emotions of others and has used those skills throughout her many jobs in education and mental health. As a teacher, she sees the effect of mental health and the devastating repercussions of a lack of mental health awareness and acceptance. These effects reach beyond that of the students and through to their families and the community. At Kindness Werks, she uses her talents and passion as the Chief Design Officer to create designs that remind us about the importance of kindness, clarity, balance, and peace.


What makes Buddy so special? Look at that face! Doesn’t that just scream “hug me”? Buddy came to us as a pup who needed a new home. I can’t say he was rescued, but sometimes things just don’t work out. We decided to include Buddy on the website because sometimes it helps to look into the eyes of pure love. If you’re having a rough day, rest your eyes here for a bit. Stop by anytime.

About the Design and Mission Statement

A few years ago, while attending a discussion group held by my friend and colleague, Todd Fink, a remarkably insightful man with an equally remarkable life story, the topic of mission statements was introduced. Todd’s discussions frequently centered around the human spirit in some form, better understanding of why we do the things we do, and how to better appreciate our differences as human beings. On this evening, the discussion focused on exploring our personal ideals and how to make them a part of our daily routine.

Often, in our daily endeavors, we get so wrapped up in getting things done that we don’t give much thought to how we do them and what the greater purpose of our actions is. No matter what your job, or your daily routine is, I guarantee that there is a greater purpose in your efforts than just completing the tasks at hand. How to keep that purpose in mind as we go through our day can be a challenge.

Business and organizations of all types have been grappling with this same problem. One answer was to develop a mission statement. A few words that amplify the value behind the work. The greater purpose.

During this meeting, as part of Todd’s discussion, he challenged those of us present to come up with a personal mission statement that amplified our greater purpose, whatever that might be. For me, that was an idea that really made sense.

For a long time, I had been thinking about the idea of kindness and Todd’s challenge finally brought it home. Kindness, Clarity, Balance, Peace. Those four words flooded my thoughts almost immediately. This became my personal mission statement and is now the underlying energy behind Kindness Werks.
Practice Kindness in all Endeavors. Seek Clarity with an Open Mind. Strive for Balance in Mind, Body, Spirit. Make Peace a Daily Goal.

As a nurse, helping people in need comes naturally. If it doesn’t, you’re in the wrong profession. I think that may be true for any type of service. However, maintaining what may come naturally needs to have more meaning than the work itself. A steady diet of meaningfulness in the form of a clear mission statement can provide the elements that nourish that greater purpose, and does for me.

Kindness, clarity, balance, and peace are the essential elements that make up my mission as a nurse and as a human being. Please consider making them yours.

Michael Todd Fink (Todd) is a mental health professional, artist, speaker, and host of the Kind Mind Podcast. I am grateful to have had his friendship for over twenty-two years and counting. His talks have been inspirational to me and many others. Please consider getting to know him at